eSync // Ektron


Easy, configurable deployment

Automate the secure provisioning of web content, code, assets and templates from development through production. Deploy only the necessary changes, from a single content update to an entire site, speeding time to Web and eliminating site downtime.

"Synchronization approaches can save license fees and development costs or improve productivity. While migration is usually a one-shot deal, synchronization is a more permanent solution - required when the business must keep documents in two repositories or routinely move data from one place to another."  - Noted in Take A Process View Toward Enterprise Content Integration, Forrester Research


Features include:

  • Speed deployment time - Deploy content changes in minutes by eliminating inefficient, custom and manual distribution processes.
  • Easy browser based administration - Management of content distribution is simplified by an intuitive browser-based administration UI.
  • Roundtrip synchronization - Synchronize deployments in any direction to ensure all servers remain in sync with the latest content, code and assets.
  • Reporting and diagnostics - Use Windows Performance Monitor to identify and troubleshoot issues.
  • Native cloud deployment - Easily deploy content to the the Windows Azure or Amazon Cloud with just a few clicks.
  • Microsyncing - Sync entire sites, individual content items, templates and code.